Table of content

Part I. Introduction

New Challenges, new Opportunities for the General Counsel in the 21st Century

Wolf Peter Gross and Christoph H Vaagt, Law Firm Change Consultants


Part II. Strategy

Integrating Law and Strategy: The Value of Legal Astuteness

Constance Bagley, Yale Law School

Strategy and the Leveraging of Legal Resources

Robert C Bird, University of Conneticut

Case study: the difference between doing some legal work and adding value

Abhijit Mukhopadhya, Hinduja Group

Managing legal risk: A bridge too far for lawyers?

Peter Kurer

Corporate Governance Issues: the battleground where legal careers are launched or may end in ruin

Bruno Cova, Paul Hastings


Part III. Leadership

Expanding roles for general counsel: new competencies needed for the 21st Century

Leigh Dance, ELD

General Counsel as Innovation Agents by Paul Lippe

Lawyers at the Revolution by Kent Walker, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Google

Proactive resource management: a personal learning journey, by Max Huebner, PGGM N.V.

General counsels – the leaders in the legal arena, by Christian Rau, DaVita


Part IV. Organisation

Managing workloads into the future by Paul Smith, Eversheds

Legal standard setters by Dr Jochen Deister, DMZ Legal and Carsten Reimann, Xenion Legal

The legal disruption dilemma: Case study on new service providers

Filip Corveleyn and Felix Rackwitz, Tools4Legal GmbH

How can IT support managing law in organisations

Scott Rosenberg, Project Leadership Associates

Compliance in the area of data management

Dennis Grabherr, Attorney at Law

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