The first-ever benchmark study of the German Law Firm Market

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We are proud to present the first-ever benchmark study of the German legal market (it is, to our knowledge, the first benchmark study ever being carried out and published consequently in the legal industry). The focus is on the Top 200 firms active in the German market, with data analysis of the largest 50 firms, including international firms operating in Germany. We have analysed the German market for the period 2004-2008. During this time of ever-increasing market and sustained growth (12 %), some firms have really excelled, while others have merely kept the level of success. The market is now clearly segmented. The question is which firms will be left over during the next consolidation phase. Both German and Anglosaxons Firms have left the market recently - because their financial health and strategy did not match their aspirations. 

This study can be purchased at the publishers. As it is in German, it might be more helpfull to have a life presentation in english and discussion with Chris Vaagt, who is both the author and the most senior of our consultants. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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Quote from  Myriam Hermann, Partner, Blaqwell, in regard to similar developments in the US markets, as published in her article in our Book on law firm strategies.  

Quote: "The development of the leading markets from a historical perspective provides lessons for other markets, too. It is very impressive to see how, over the last 2o years, the US market at its top has changed, and what this means to individual firms. The leading 200 US firms can be grouped, according to Miriam Herman and David Barnard, into strategic groups. Within those groups, we see particular challenges for each law firm. And those, which did not respond to these challenges, went out of business. The moral: look at the competitive capabilities of your firm and make sure you do not miss out on the big trends shaping the industry right now."

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