Law Firm Strategies for the 21st century, edited by Chris Vaagt on behalf of the IBA

IBA Book on strategy

Law firm partners have long resisted the notion that they need a strategy. However, markets change and the landscape has become increasingly competitive. Law firms that want to remain competitive need to think about and engage in strategy development; those firms which have done so are now  undeniably in a better position than those which have not.
Published in association with the Law Firm Management Committee of the International Bar Association,  and edited by Chris Vaagt, this practical title is the first in Globe Law and Business’s series on the business of law dedicated to exploring strategic development in law firms. It includes contributions from leading academics, consultants and law firm partners who share their insights and experience in strategy development and management. The content is organised around the market and the resource side of law firm management, and offers new ways to think about strategy and how to discuss it in the context of a partnership. 
Whether you are a managing partner of a small, large or international law firm, this book offers points of views which have never before been aggregated in a single volume. The book may also  be helpful for consultants and academics in developing research in this area. This volume addresses in a most practical manner those questions which are of relevance in today’s law firm management.

The Book is published by the UK publisher Global law and Business. You can buy a copy here.

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Law FirmStrategies for the 21st Century


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Quote from Dina Gracheva:

Quote: "Formulating the strategy, i.e. finding the resources that will bring competitive advantage to the firm is very important, but even more important is implementing the strategy: leveraging, upgrading and investing in these capabilities. Proactive building of organizational capabilities rather than relying on existing individual resources can ensure the superior returns and growth. This becomes an important strategic tasks for all law firms to win the market in the new reality of efficiency, sustainability and investors’ mindset in law firm management."

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