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Known in particular for our facilitation skills, we are industry specialists: we focus on the specific issues that confront legal practitioners – for strategic, cultural or organisational reasons.

New article the relationship between profit sharing and culture in a law firm, by Chris Vaagt

PRofit sharing Globe books

This is the subject of a new articve Chris Vaagt has written for an IBA Book on profit sharing systems.  Law firms are constantly looking to improve the effectiveness of their partner remuneration systems and to make the administration of their partner review processes more efficient. The book covers various aspects of partner remuneration.

Based on scientific findings rather than guessing, Chris Vaagt sheds a new light on this relationship, making it particularly important for top law firms. Because one thing which sets them apart from the rest of the pack is that they do not change it with every up and down of the market, enabling them to build a long lasting culture around performance and excellence when serving clients, while the rest of the market discusses profits which always seem to be too low. A short version of this article is available on linkedIn.

The book is available through Globe books

The legal press has found a new favourite topic (after all, law firm news are not really all that exciting, are they?): disruption. Based on the assumptions made by Daniel Suskind, and fuelled by the news about AI robots which might turn out to be better lawyers than humans, everybody is now anxiously looking into this new phenomenon while few really understand what is going on.
Yes, in theory, computers can read, interpret and apply laws as they are nothing but a set of logical "if-then" calculations, something a computer's "thinking" is based on. Yes, a computer can calculate faster than the human brain. Yes, if the application of laws were merely a technical ability, a computer might one day be superior to humans.
But that will never happen.

Handelsblatt of June 1, 2015, on Denton's announcement to "change the legal market"

Martin Tofler has interviewed Christoph Vaagt on the likelyhood of the law firm Denton to "change the legal market", as suggested by its German Managing Partner. Chris Vaagt has worked with Hildebrandt International from 2000 to 2005 on a host of UK und US-German Mergers, and so he knows the inside story. He knows about the initial big plans, and whether firms achieved their objectves and not. And he is author of the only benchmarktstudy on the top legal law firm market, and thus knows what it takes to succeed, or even "change" the market. Hence he is somewhat sceptical. For more, please read here for more (in German, however).

Metrics can tell the tale of a firm's fate

1. Januar 2016: Thorsten Zulauf hat zu diesem Artikel der renommierten ABA Journal beigetragn, welche die Gründe für die Insolvenz von Dewey untersucht. In seinem Beitrag hebt Thorsten Zulauf, der lange Jahre CFO  bei Linklaters in Deutschland war, hervor, dass die Anwälte mit den schlechtesten Zeitmitschriten und größten Aussenständen monatlich zirkuliert wurden. So wurde dazu beigetragen, dass diese Partner ins Bewusstsein der Partnerschaft kamen und entsprechenden Peer Pressure erfuhren.

New Article on Business Development by Thorsten Zulauf

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In the new Book of the IBA Law Firm Management Comittee, "Making the sale, Clinching the deal" editied by Stephen Revell, Partner at Freshfields in its Singapur Office, Thorsten Zulauf has written an article on the Business Development, both as a function and as a process, in law firms.

Found more out about the book here.

The Law Firm Mangement Section of the IBA had invited Chris Vaagt to organise again the Law Firm Management Café at the next Annual Conference in Tokyo. The experience was highly successful, when more than 150 participants enjoyed talking to each other at this highly interactive, ablbeit unusual session at the IBA conference. See more information here.

We are actively cooperating with Rees Morrisson, the leading Law Department Consultant and Benachmarking specialist in the US, if not worldwide. He has put together a Survey with over 800 participants.

Article published in The Lawyer, co-authored by Christoph Vaagt and Richard Tromans, on the competitive landscape for law firms in Germany

IBA Managing Partner Mentoring Programme: Chris Vaagt part of very selective group of global coaching program for Managing Partners

June 15th, 2012: The IBA, the leading international platform for independent law firms, has instituted a programme offering mentoring and coaching to Managing Partners worldwide. Chris Vaagt has been invited to become part of this very selective group of seasoned specialist. You can contact him directly or via the IBA network.

Handbook for General Counsels

Our Book for GC's: Formularbuch für die Rechtsabteilung. This book consists of checklists, formulars and tabella in order to quickly solve everday’s management problems of General Counsels in all sorts of companies, from very large to solo GCs.  The contents covers legal strategy, bugdeting, resource management, people management, leadership agenda, Knowledge management and IT-Management. It is designed as a guideline and focusses on practical tips and hints to solve a management problem under stress.   

picture frontcover General Counsel Book 21st Century

Wolf Peter Gross and Chris Vaagt are the editors of this exciting new Book on the Challenges and Opportunities of the General Counsel in the 21st Century. They have got contributions from leading individuals who have acted both as Counsel and as lawyers, and have a thourough understanding of the evolving role. Based on our understanding of the changes we witness every day on our consulting work for General Counsels, we thought about collecting all the pieces and have refreshing look at this development.

The Book is on the market since October 2015 and can be purchased here!

UIA Conference, Vienna, March 11 and 12, 2016

The UIA (Union International des Avocats) will host a confrence in Vienna on the current trends in start-up counselling. Chris Vaagt is invited to speak on the fee models which law firms may use in order to work with them on their success, sharing in risks and rewards.

Innovative Legal Services Forum 2016, Prague, May 11, 2016

Chris Vaagt speaking in Prague
The czech economic newspaper Economia organises a conference for czech lawyers and inhouse counsels in regard to the changes happening in this market. Chris Vaagt is invited to speak about the changing roe of the General Counsel, based on his book "General Counsel in the 21st Century".
We facilitate large groups of lawyers, for firms and for firm networks; see our list of references below

Law firm partners have long resisted the notion that they need a strategy. However, markets change and the landscape has become increasingly competitive. Law firms that want to remain competitive need to think about and engage in strategy development; those firms which have done so are now undeniably in a better position than those which have not.

Quotes from Book on Strategy

Tomasz Wardynski CBE
Partner, Wardynski & Partners


Quotes from the Book

Robert C Bata
Principal, WarwickPlace Legal, LLC

Quote: "The global legal landscape is dotted with flags planted by law firms dashing to establish themselves in the hottest new markets  --  and littered with the wrecks of efforts gone wrong."

Will Harvey
Senior lecturer, University of Exeter Business School; Associate fellow, Centre for Corporate Reputation, Said Business School, University of Oxford

Quote: "In practice, quality and reputation are by no means aligned. One consequence is that firms with strong reputations, for instance, can get away with poorer quality service, and a strong reputation can buffer firms against mistakes. In contrast, firms with weaker reputations not only have to work harder but often over-deliver on the quality of projects."

Interview of Christoph H. Vaagt by Edward Chin, Birkbeck College, University of London, London, on behalf of the Student Comittee of the International Bar Association, Newsletter 6/2014, accessible via IBA Homepage

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