IBA Book on strategy

Christoph H. Vaagt editierte im Auftrag der Law Firm Management Section der Inter Bar Association (IBA), dieses Buch über Kanzleistrategien. Dieses Buch fasst Beiträge von weltweit tätigen Praktikern und Spezialisten zusammen, in einer einmaligen Edition. Auf Basis der neuesten Forschung zu Professional Service Firms und unter Einbezug führender Wissenschaftler, schafft dieses Buch erstmalig den Bogen von der Theorie zur Praxis. Basierend auf dem Theoriemodell der markt- und ressourcenseitigen Strategiedimensionen werden zu jedem Teil wichtige Elemente, die das Geschäftsmodell der Kanzlei der Zukunft betreffen, ausführlich besprochen.


An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

If you are a lawyer tasked with the management of your firm -- or you're contemplating doing so -- you'll find the wealth of insights contained in this recent publication from Globe Law and Business both illuminating and practical, particularly if you're looking to expand in challenging international markets.

Here at your disposal are over 250 pages of rather high powered advice and consultancy from over two dozen expert international contributors, each discussing issues of strategy and good governance from a specific viewpoint, but focusing overall on building profitability as the result of making the right decisions rather than the wrong ones.

The general thrust of the book is that law firm strategy must be focused not just on the bottom line, but on a value-based, ethics-based, consensus-based and client-centered ethos. The detail of just how all this may be achieved - across a range of jurisdictions- is a particularly valuable aspect of this book.

In helping law firm managers cope with the challenges and complexities of building and consolidating a law practice in a range of international markets, this volume is a useful guide, drawing as it does on the specific experience of a broad range of practitioners and consultants who have been there and done that.

Consulting editor, Christoph Vaagt, for example, a specialist in law firm strategy processes, is a former chairman of the law firm management section of the German Bar Association. Now a frequent speaker for the International Bar Association, he expresses the hope that this book will `help partners of law firms understand the challenges their firms confront and... start a process which may address these to the benefit of each member of the firm and of the legal community at large.'

A slightly more light hearted, but still deadly serious approach is taken by several of the other contributors; Note in particular the article by Robert Bata of WarwickPlace Legal LLC entitled `How to screw up your international expansion: a 15-step Guide.' A more succinct summary of the pitfalls and pratfalls besetting certain law firms looking to expand abroad you could scarcely hope to find; mentioning no names of course. Also note Lisa R Smith's article on `How to merge: Lessons from 20 years of law firm mergers.'

In all, the book emphasizes the market and resource side of law firm management, pointing out new ways to look at, think about, and carry out the right strategies with a view to staying a step ahead of competitors. Certainly this is a book that should be in every law firm manager's library.


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